Happy LDOC campers!! While LDOC at CfC isn’t celebrated in quite the same way as at school, it is still a lot of fun. Today marked my last day of teaching biology and coaching basketball. I can’t believe that 3 weeks have already gone by and that I’ll leaving this awesome place in just a few days! Although camp is coming to an end, some oimagef the


best is yet to come! This week we have TWO competition days. The sports and academic activities have progressed to show off all that the kids have learned throughout camp. The kids are starting to realize that our time together is almost up too. Every day this week we have stayed later and later playing with them after camp ends. Also, the offers for bike rides to and from camp are endless. Some of the kids have written us notes and brought little presents so that, in the words of one boy, we won’t forget them when we get back to America. It’s really incredible to see how much of an impact that the kids and coaches alike have had on eachother. The kids loveee taking pictures, so our time together is definitely well documented. We had our last team bonding session today, and instead of each color team breaking off into their respective groups, we all came together for giant games of socc

Green Dragons
Green Dragons

er and volleyball. The next few days are going to be the most bittersweet of my CfC experience. It’s going to be so hard to say goodbye to all of the kids that I’ve seen almost everyday for the past month. On the other hand, it will be super rewarding to see how much the kids have learned and all the fun the have during the Competition Days. Hopefully these final days will be the best yet!

– Lexi

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