It blows my mind to think that I only have one more weekend left in Vietnam. How the hell am I supposed to say goodbye to all these wonderful people? I’ll keep you posted on those tears.

As for this past weekend it was very fun filled!
This weekend we took a trip to a big city north of here called Can Tho. We stopped to get Pizza Hut on the way there (FINALLY PIZZA) and I met this guy at the grocery store who told me my accent was beautiful! We got to our hotel and I was rooming with savannah king which was cool because I haven’t lived with her yet. We all got ready, played some cards, then went to a club called the 18 club. It was so bizarre but so much fun! We went straight to the dance stage and so many Vietnamese people came up to dance and take pictures with us. My ears were bleeding techno music by the end of the night but it was awesome!
The next morning had to get up at 5 am, aka no sleeeeep. We got on a boat and went to the floating market where you can buy all types of fresh fruit. It was cool but since Saturday was the lunar midyear, most boats did not come out so it was a short trip. After a nap, we got really good crepes and fruit from the restaurant next door and then began a day filled with activities. We first went to the ancient market. It was a lot like the market in ho chi Minh but the people were less aggressive. I also snagged some cool souvenirs ((most likely a lot of stuff I don’t need but when in nam am I right?) next for the day was pedicures and massages. Delaney, Savannah B., Neen, Mai, Kim, and I went to the spa first where we got 90 massages and facials for less than $15!!! It was awesome. We then took a cab to the nail place where the rest were still getting their nails done after 2 hours. Props to kolbi and Jordan for actually sticking it out! The nail salon was pretty weird because it didn’t have walls but I mean I got a $1 pedicure so whateverrrrrr. During the day we saw am American place to eat for dinner but when our director gave us directions, it was too the wrong place. Me savannah and Delaney managed to flag down a cab and tell him where to take us those. Look at me just conquering nam 🙂 later than night the Vietnamese took us to karaoke! Unlike bars with karaoke nights in America, here there was karaoke places where you rent your own rooms and have your own private karaoke party! It was such a blast and we sang for like three hours everything from Miley Cyrus to green day to lil Wayne to the song from the titanic. After a little chaos with Jordan (oops) we made it back to Tay ho (our hotel) and hit up 18 club following a photoshoot with the giant golden Ho Chi Minh statue. Overall a great time with some great pictures and stories from the weekend! Wish I could stay here a little longer but time to make the best of the last week!

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