how to fall in love in 10 days

imageI’ve never been a proponent of the idea that you can fall in love in two weeks but man did these little monsters steal my heart real quick. They amaze me everyday with how talented, intelligent, and caring they are. One thing in particular this week really made me realize how much I love this place and these kids. In my sixth grade class, the typical loud, goofy boy (who I call David) came on Thursday and said today would be his last day. I asked him why (with translators) and he said that his family only has one bike and his father now needs it to get to work. It would be over an hour walk (which David had done the last two days) but with working before and after school it’s too time consuming and tiring to make the walk. David is not only very skilled in all sports but he is one of the smartest kids in class (even if he pretends to be too cool for school and refuses to dance with me). So I talked to the other coaches and we all said we would pull money together to get him a bike! Our director called his parents to tell them but they said they could not accept the gift. This would mean David would have to leave school permanently. This is when I realized just how much these kids have my heart. I started crying, trying to think of any other solution. Unfortunately we seemed to be out of ideas so we brought David back to our guest house to say goodbye. I gave him a bag of candy and my Tar Heel bracelet. Our director then drove the half hour back to his house and told us he lives in a shack made of coconut leaves (the case for many of the kids here at camp) and that when he showed his siblings the candy they got more excited than if an American won the lottery. It really puts life in perspective and makes your appreciate the things we too often take for granted. These kids have essentially nothing but they give you anything they have and love life. Luckily, I got news today that David might be able to come back to school as we are trying to coordinate rides, so fingers crossed!!!!
Other highlights from the week:
-Biology games are still AWESOME (we built human pyramids to teach the food pyramid)
-I’m actually learning more Vietnamese than I ever thought I would
-I’ve been deemed camp mom because I made everyone PB2 at dinner and apparently am the most caring wut????
-my fave lil boy ken just came up to me yesterday and says “I love you muwah, muwah”**blowing kisses** and then runs to go play— HEART MELTED
-the kids FREAKED when I showed them pictures of snow and hamburgers on culture day, they were so excited!
-they can make the coolest stuff out of banana leaves so let’s just say I have some KILLER jewelry to bring back to America
-Delaney and I found CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM at a store and it’s the best
-the other camp (lexi’s camp) came over to play a game of volleyball and we crushed them!
-so far I’ve taught the kids the chicken dance, gangnam style, and the Macarena
-Nina gave me a kiss on the cheek and heart also soooo melted
-we played heads up with the Vietnamese coaches and since they don’t know a bunch of English words it was very funny!
-Americans play cards like every night so I’m becoming great at bullshit
-The limeade lemonade here will definitely be hard to leave
-the kids bring in their fans and come up and fan me like damn luv you guys too

Today’s competition day so send good vibes to the green dragons!!!!!!
I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks of camp. I wish I could stay here longer, but also open to more suggestions on how to smuggle about 30 kids back to America ~serious inquires only~
***peace signs obvi***

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