week one is done!?!?

imageWe survived week one! Urban legend says that if you are strong enough to endure week one of camp, you can do anything! It was a long but very rewarding and enjoyable week! These kids are the most adorable and precious and hilarious little people ever. And that’s saying something considering I can’t understand 95% of what they say. So a quick run through of the weeks schedule. From 7-11am the 7th graders have school. We teach two sports, two classes, a life skills unit, and then team bonding! Quite a long morning, but waittttt there’s more! From 1-5 pm we do it all over again with the sixth graders! By the end of the day I’m probably more exhausted than the kids! 8 hours of teaching is so tiring, shout out to all the teachers I’ve ever had because this job is tiring! Then to come home and lesson plan for an hour, good thing the smoothie stand says open late! Here’s a recap of some of the things that happened this week Monday-Thursday: -the kids LOVE their American names -they gave me a Vietnamese name: Mai -one of my 6th grade girls (Nina) actually translated something from English to the whole class ~~proud mom moment~~ -I taught the kids in biology to clap and say yayyyyy! When someone gets a question right -we had a karaoke night with camp one on Wednesday night aka turned into the Americans taking it over with watch me whip and trap queen (the Vietnamese were not as assumed as us) -Delaney and I made friends with the lady at the smoothie stand and now we wave and talk to her (welllllll kinda) whenever we pass her in the park -we always get hai swai (two mango smoothies) -even waking up at 5 am to work out is still SO HOT -doing laundry in a bucket is even worse than laundry at school (and takes forever to dry) -taught my 7th graders the chicken dance and “we will rock you” LOL -built houses of cards in 6th grader and they could actually do it like wut I can’t even do that -Vietnamese kids can stand on one leg FOREVER -kids brought me flowers :’) The best thing ever happened in our sixth grade life skills class. We were doing something similar to the marshmallow study where we gave the kids a piece of candy and said they could either eat it now or wait and see if something better comes later. We then went through class and said okay let’s work on team work and the two teams each had a basket. They could choose whether to put their candy in the team basket or keep it for themselves. Not only did these kids all put their candy in but they dumped out their bags and put every and any snack they could find in the basket. For kids who have very little it was so amazing to see how selfless than are. ~~~love my kiddos~~~ so naturally we gave them even more candy! I’m learning more and more from these kids everyday and I’m so thankful that I’ve been given this opportunity. So shoutout to everyone that helped me get here 🙂 *****food***** Update: I’m still alive!!!!! Still eggs and bread for breakfast daily 🙂 The fish here is V GOOD so that’s been my go to! I’ve also tried so many different fruits that I didn’t even know existed ((heavennnnn)) Pork is very cheap here so we have it at almost every meal but def not a fan. I also tried a quail egg (((so weird))) COMPETITION DAY: green dragons rawrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Friday’s at school is competition day so all the teams come together and compete in games in every sport and the kids also take an academic and life skills test. It’s really funny because the Vietnamese students score tests while American students monitor but the kids try to ask us questions during the test as if I fan even read it (((too bad that didn’t stop me from attempting:p) The scores for, the sports and tests are added up to get total points for each team! Volleyball was not our strong suit but green team came up HUGE with the basketball win in the layup game! It’s so awesome to see all the kids cheering and excited with huge smiles! Most of them never get to play sports and especially not in a competitive team atmosphere so watching them get so pumped is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. They also won the soccer competition in a very very close relay race!!!! It is so much fun for kids and coaches just having fun together. Hope a girl on my color team made me an origami lotus today too. It’s sure been a long week but WERE GOING TO THE BEACH!!!!!!!! Time for a weekend of relaxation then do it all again 🙂

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