life is a pool I’m just floating in the water

imageall work and no play makes jack a dull boy, that’s why this weekend we went to the BEACH! It was a very long and bumpy journey to get to! Unlike America, in Vietnam a lot of the roads are basically dirt and rocks so the entire 6 hour bus ride was like a roller coaster. Free amusement park am I rite????? We finally got to our resort and it is absolutely beautiful! Each of our rooms had a huge window that looked right out into the sea. You didn’t even have to get up from your bed to get a fantastic view.image

In the morning, we woke up to go to the caves. We took a small fairy boat to an island where the caves are. Legend says the king stayed in this cave hiding from enemies. There is stone shaped like a mother that protected him, half a chicken that he ate and a fish. There is also fresh water at the top of the cave that we all got to wash our faces with for good luck! We headed back to the resort and Delaney and I decided to check out the beach. Beaches here are covered in trash because the sanitation system is very poor. We found lots of seashells though and collected them for oI’m ur kids (already those teachers haha). As we walked down the beach people just stared at us. One guy ran up to us like we were celebrities and asked to take a picture with us. Foreigners are so rare in these parts so they look at us like aliens ~but in a cool way~ we went swimming in the water (the gulf of Thailand) which was really warm and nice!
After dinner we all hung by the pool, played some card games and went night swimming. It was great just being able to relax and have fun together after such a busy week!
Sadly Sunday morning we loaded the bus and left the resort. It was a great weekend filled with beautiful views and beautiful people. I can’t believe how much this program has taught me and allowed me to experience in just one week! Im so excited to continue this journey and see where I’ll be in two weeks! Still trying to figure out ways to stay 🙂 until next time!

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