GOOO Green Dragons!!!

It’s Competition Day!! After a crazy week of coaching and teaching, today the kids get to show off their new skills and knowledge.image image And to celebrate this wonderful day, the camp director brought peanut butter to breakfast (hugeee game changer). So for Competition Day the kids are split off into color teams (((GO Green Dragons!!!))) and participate in various sports competitions and take a test on the subjects they’ve learned about. The previous camp warned us that Competition Day is chaotic, and they definitely weren’t kidding. The kids want to win at all costs, and the coaches don’t take it lightly either. It’s so rewarding to see the kids apply what you’ve taught them throughout the course of the week and excel. We won’t know the final results of today until Monday morning, but I have a feeling the Green Dragons brought home to gold.

I’ve finally learned all of my team members names (prounounciation isn’t my strong-suit) and the kids loveee when you cheer for them in Vietnamese. In addition to them teaching me new words and phrases, they have acquired an extensive English vocabulary when it comes to greetings. The list includes “what’s crackin, sup, yo, what’s goin on, heyyyy,” and my personal fav “wassup homie.” The kids were super shy at the beginning of the week, but now they are so comfortable that they give us rides to our guest house on the back of their bikes! Most of the bikes don’t have brakes, so the rides are quite an experience. This weekend the American and Vietnamese coaches are going to the city of Can Tho which is about an hour North of our location. The anticipation of visiting the floating market and having a shower head instead of used buckets of water to shower is so great. Can’t wait to see what Can Tho has in store!!

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