Hau Giang Day Mot (one)

imageToday was a very exciting (and exhausting) day because it was the first day of camp! We got to school at 7:15am and started class with our seventh graders! In biology savannah and I taught them about plants and animals classifications and man if you think those words are a little complex in English, imagine not being able to speak Vietnamese! That was a common theme throughout the day. I tried to use my little Vietnamese knowledge like mot hai ba (1 2 3) and cam ong (thank you) which made the kids laugh a lot. Thankfully they are like soccer pros so that lesson was easy, but man are they ***strong*** so goalie Alexis was fending for her life! We had a lunch break at 11:15 and then at 1:15 our 6th graders came to school! They were much more energetic and talkative than the 7th graders which was awesome ( we even taught one boy how to say “awesome!!!” ) in my class the kids all wanted nicknames so I gave them all American names like David Ana Ben and ken. They were so excited that one boy wrote ken on his hat with marker. Not sure how this parents will feel about that one! After a long day of camping ending at 5:15 we headed to dinner and WE HAVE CHOM CHOMS aka rambatans (heyyyyy Costa Rica friends!!) imagewhich made me super excited. We then came back to lesson plan and tried doing laundry for the first time. And by laundry I mean we put water and soap in a bucket and dumped our clothes in…now our room is very decorated with all the clothes hanging to dry, stay tuned for updates on those results! Some of our Vietnamese coaches invited us to smoothies in the park after lesson planning so Delaney and I decided to go since we loved our smoothies the first night. We went downstairs and thought everyone already left so we walked over to the park. Sadly no one was there and it looked like everything was closed. As we approached, one women got us chairs and invited us over to her stand. We —-attempted—- to order mango smoothies but failed completely. The woman didn’t speak English and we don’t know more than ten Vietnamese words so communication was a struggle. She just started saying a bunch of words, cam way, so we nodded and gave a thumbs up. Two minutes later we had mystery smoothies ((which tasted great)) and the woman sat down next to us. For the three minutes we spoke English and she spoke Vietnamese and we just laughed together because we couldn’t communicate at all! Then another Vietnamese man walks over and says in English, “what state are you from?” We were shocked because of how much we struggled to speak to the woman and a minute later all our friends arrived and we all laughed about the encounter! We are now great friends with the woman and will definitely go back to her stand! The language barrier has definitely been a challenging and interesting experience. If you know me you know how much I LOVE to talk so not being able to talk directly to people is a whole new experience. I’m told by my translators that the kids really like me and are excited to learn! Day one has been great and I’m thrilled for the weeks to come 🙂image


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