I’m gonna be a teacher!

6/7/15 Xin Chao! (Hello) chi ten la Alexis ( my name is Alexis) Today was our first full day at the camp site in hau giang province. Delaney Shannon and lili are my roommates at the guest house. It’s very nice with AC and a wonderful fan but unfortunately the power likes to randomly go out a lot. Delaney tapped me at 2 am when this happened but luckily it wasn’t for long! At around 6:30am we woke up and went downstairs to get on the bus and go to breakfast. This morning we had an omelette and bread which is very standard here but very delicious. I also had wonderful iced green tea- a nice sugary start to the morning. This morning was our orientation because camp starts tomorrow!!! We practiced names again and learned about what we will be doing in camp. I’m on the green team teaching soccer and biology. I am the only other American on my color team (there are four color teams that compete at the camp) but my two Vietnamese coaches are named lan chi and nhung. Their first task was to teach us a few Vietnamese phrases which were difficult to learn because the language uses many tones and rhythms. At one point I was trying to say do but accidentally said slut because of the pronunciation, whoops! We then had a competition with the American coaches to see who could say the most and my team tied with the yellow team! Not bad for a 20 minute lesson :p We also did some lesson planning before lunchtime. We had fish, pork, rice, soup, cabbage, French fries, and dragon fruit which I surprisingly at least tried all of! Definitely trying to broaden my horizons! At lunch we had lots of conversation about cultural differences. One girl, Neen, asked me the word for dimples and then told me in Vietnamese culture there is a story that people who have dimples have them because in their past life they refused to drink the water than makes you forget your past memories when you are reborn. People say those with dimples should be respected for their wisdom and sensitivity (((something to note friends at home :p ))) After lunch we came back to nap! It is common culture in Vietnam to take a nap after lunch because it is so hot. Aka this place ~rules~ Then after our break, we headed to the school and met our kids that we will be teaching! Basically it was the craziest and best thing ever. The kids are so cute but also its the most bizarre thing ever being in a room where you can’t understand people and they can’t understand you. Lots of hand motions and gestures are helpful. But our team the green dragons seems like it will be a lot of fun! Dinner was very good and we showed the Vietnamese the go pro, which they think is so cool! Came back to the hotel and did lesson planning which was very difficult because tomorrow I have to teach photosynthesis to children that don’t speak English??? **~~stay curious for that one~~** Tomorrow will be a long but exciting first day because camp officially starts!!!!!!!!

highlights from today:

i tried lots of new foods and even decided I liked the fish!

i learned some Vietnamese which is so cool

Huy 1 and huy 2 (Vietnamese coaches) came back to our lunch table!

named the lizard we found in our room “friend”

taught three kids in my class the word “cool” 🙂

until next wifi, alexis


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