buckle up kids its a long ride

Good morning America (meanwhile its evening over here in VIETNAM!) finally made it here after one of the longest travel days of my life. First our 3:10pm flight is delayed two hours in Newark. Finally we get on the plane and get ready for the 15 hour journey to Hong Kong. We found some friends from our program so that was nice but the plane ride was probably the worst experience ever. Allie I will never complain about bus rides again hahahah. But the flight attendants were very nice and kept giving me full bottles and cans instead of cups and two ice creams because they said my dimples could get me whatever I wanted hahaha noted. But after many movies and attempted naps, we finally made it to Hong Kong where we were rushed through the airport on three trains just to get to the gate, talk about huge! Shortly after it was time to fly the two hours to Vietnam which was a lovely surprise to the 6 hours we were originally expecting. One thing I learned though is how absolutely dreadful airplane food is but they literally serve you for an hour straight. At 1:30 am Vietnam time we finally made it to our hotel. The interesting thing about this hotel is that you can’t wear shoes upstairs and it has a gate that closes at 11pm. There was a nice breakfast of eggs and bread so food started off well for me. We then met our directors at 9am and ventured out into the city. First stop was a Vietnam war museum which was very awkward because ya know anti America and all… But still very interesting to learn about! Next we headed to lunch and I was very scared. I took advice from our guides and got the pho with chicken and it was actually very good! I also had this mango smoothie so two meals success?! Like that barely happens for me in America:p our next trip was to the market which is like a giant flea market where you bargain and it was crazy! So hot so many people and so much haggling. I got these awesome elephant shorts for like 4000000 cheaper! Lol also currently a millionaire because 1 dollar=20000 dong. People here also get around by scooter and man if I thought the people at unc were crazy boy was I wrong! People here will run you over and also bring their whole family, kids, and pets. We’re now back at our hotel and just lost power aka no AC so we are heading to dinner and a bar to enjoy the rest of the night. Can’t wait to see what other fun is in store when we head to camp tomorrow, yay four hour bus ride.


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