Goodbye America???

Less than 24 hours from now, Lexi and I will be flying on our way to VIETNAM!!!!! I’m sure a lot of you are just about as invested in this journey as we are considering the amount we talked about it (oops… :)) Tomorrow we will be starting our adventure and we are both so excited! For those of you who don’t know. Lexi and I (Alexis also, haha) are pretty much the same person. We are both on the rowing team at UNC, we are both from PA, we were both born on a Wednesday in November, and now we are both embarking on this exciting journey to Vietnam through the program, Coach for College.  During the month of June, we will be stationed at middle school camps in Vietnam working with other American university students along with Vietnamese university students to teach both academic and athletic lessons to Vietnamese youth! Our efforts are in an attempt to decrease the school drop out rate and increase the health and physical activity enjoyment of these children! Hopefully, we will also broaden our own perspective on the world, and well for me…try some new foods ~stay curious~

We figured it would be fun to track our adventures on this joint blog! We are not sure what to expect (((other than this 21 hour flight ugh))) but check in for what we will be up to this month!

***to our Carolina Rowing teammates (and everyone else really) please stay in touch with us!!! we would love to hear all about your adventures too!

Lex Amato


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